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100 percent Swiss products, that was and still is a real seal of quality. And that applies even more to products that are as close to nature as the CBD flowers and the CBD oil from Sweed; You can buy both in our online shop. For the company Sweed it is not only the quality but also the purity that distinguishes good hemp products, the hand-grown cannabis is regularly and permanently checked by the breeders. Of course, all standards are adhered to. And cleanliness also plays a decisive role in the growth of the plants. If you buy CBD products from Sweed in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist retailer for items made from hemp, you are guaranteed the highest quality from Zug in the canton of the same name.

Sweed: CBD oil and flowers at their best

Although fertilizer is used for the growth of the plants, the plants are only watered 14 days before harvest - with the purest water. After the harvest, the plants are hung up to dry as a whole, which facilitates the manual processing of the flowers, which is also standard at Sweed. The flowers are so wonderfully light and have perfect aromas; not least because they contain little chlorophyll. Let yourself be won over by Sweed's oils and flowers. For more information on the individual products, simply click on the desired picture.