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Fortunately, the days when hemp was only considered an anesthetic are long gone. Modern medicine works with hemp and in most cases uses the active ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD), which is taken from female plants. It has long been proven that CBD works scientifically and medically. For example, it has been clear for some time that CBD inhibits inflammation, relieves anxiety, is good for cramps and can effectively combat nausea. In addition, research is currently underway to determine whether the substance may also have an antipsychotic effect. So when you order CBD products from your CBD pharmacy, make sure you treat yourself and your body to something really beneficial. You can also effectively combat insomnia and chronic pain with products and preparations that contain CBD

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CBD can be consumed in various forms. In our shop you will find drops , oil, Kapseln and sweets. Regardless of the form in which you wish to take it: Because cannabidiol is a lipophilic molecule, it distributes itself excellently in your body after ingestion. You do not have to fear an overdose with our products. The products in our range that contain CBD are of course legal - in contrast to THC, they do not have an anesthetic effect. All products enriched with CBD have been tried and tested by research and science and can be used without any concerns. Order your favorite products right now from your CBD pharmacy.