CBD for animals

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Buy CBD products for animals in the CBD pharmacy

The fact that products made from hemp are also suitable for animals is actually not surprising. After all, what is good for people cannot be bad for animals either. Accordingly, it was important to us to include CBD items for animals in our range and offer them to you. The well-being of the animals is our top priority - regardless of whether they are pets or, for example, horses. It goes without saying that the articles are obtained in the same gentle way as is the case with the CBD products for humans. When you buy CBD products for animals in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist dealer for CBD articles, you will receive high-quality preparations, completely free of THC.

CBD products for animal welfare

All CBD products for animals are obtained in a gentle way, it is particularly important that no residues of other substances except cannabidiol remain in the article. This is what makes the items made from CBD that you can buy in our online shop so particularly outstanding in terms of quality. We have CBD oils on offer for your animals, which you can either use as tinctures or mix into animal feed. These oils can be good for the skin of the animals, have a digestive effect and promote the development of muscles. There is also a chicken-based snack for cats and dogs, which strengthens the immune system and is great for the feel-good factor of your little roommates.