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Buy groceries in the CBD pharmacy

The abbreviation CBD stands for the ingredient cannabidiol, which is obtained from hemp and which, in contrast to THC (psychoactive effect), is not only harmless, but also healthy. So CBD does not intoxicate people, but has a variety of healing effects. And there is another positive quality of CBD: It can be combined with many flavors or enjoyed pure. In our range you will find hemp liqueurs from Central Switzerland, hemp oil for cold dishes, hemp seeds for roasting or pure food, hemp seed flour and hemp seed pulp - all pure hemp products. If you buy food in the CBD pharmacy, you will also find products in which CBD has been mixed with other substances or flavors.

CBD foods in different variants

For example, we carry a wide range of hemp teas that come in different flavors: herbs, lemongrass, fruits, mint, sweet spices, red fruits and more. Protein powder can also be obtained from hemp, which you can dissolve in a smoothie, for example. You can also mix a little powder into the flour when baking. It is also great in salads or sauces - like hemp oil. CBD is also ideally compatible with mint and eucalyptus - just try the chewing gum or drops that you will find in our range. If you still need a few ideas of what else you can do with hemp products in the kitchen, you can find many tips with the usual search engines on the Internet. You will also find great offers and a well-stocked range at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Just come over some time!