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Cannabidiol - CBD for short - is a valuable substance that is extracted from the flowers of female hemp. Wait: hemp? Exactly, however, CBD is completely legal, as it is not intoxicating or psychoactive and does not fall under the Narcotics Act. CBD should not be confused with illegal THC. But why CBD? Quite simply: This substance also has effects on the body and soul - but only positive ones. With CBD you reduce stress and increase well-being, but the substance also helps you lose weight, it relieves pain, inhibits inflammation and can do much, much more. If you buy CBD capsules and globules in the CBD pharmacy, you also provide your organism with many important nutrients and feel completely at ease.

Order CBD capsules and globules for easy intake

Of course, you can also take CBD as lozenges or chewing gum, as oil or as flowers by inhalation. If you don't like to suck or inhale and the oil has an overly intense or overpowering taste, capsules and globules with CBD are the best method. In addition to the great active ingredients of CBD, the preparations from our range also contain flavonoids, terpenes and other valuable substances. It is best to take them with some liquid - or even better: with milk, buttermilk, fatty vegetable milk, nuts or other fatty foods. CBD is a molecule that is soluble in fat and is better absorbed by the body with high-fat food. This applies particularly to capsules.