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Buy CBD seeds in the CBD pharmacy

There used to be something objectionable about saying that you grow hemp at home. Today, on the other hand, it is an expression not only of self-sufficiency, but also of conscious living when you grow hemp at home - especially when it comes to CBD seeds of the quality you can buy in our shop. You can be sure that the seeds are all of the best breeding and contain less than one percent THC. All the types of seeds that you will find in our range come from highly developed cultivars and are resistant to pathogens, pests and the like. This is also the reason why the yield is large when you use these seeds for cultivation. When you buy CBD seeds from the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist retailer for cannabidiol (CBD) products, you will receive high quality seedlings with which you can grow excellent hemp plants.

CBD seeds of exquisite quality

All the seeds that you can buy from us are of an exquisite quality, which guarantees exceptional cultivation. If you want to know which genetics our CBD seeds have, which cultivation method is the cheapest (e.g. outdoor or greenhouse), then simply click on the corresponding picture. There you will also find information on the CBD content of the respective seed variety, the yield, the harvest time and other details. Above all, we wish you all the best with the rearing of these outstanding hemp varieties!