GTC & Shipping Conditions

These General Business Terms and Conditions regulate product orders submitted to Kanela AG. General Business Terms and Conditions currently in force apply to every order. They may be amended at any time by Kanela AG. Kanela AG is a Swiss company with registered offices in Luzern. Jurisdiction is Zug, Switzerland. Orders submitted to Kanela AG are subject to Swiss law.


  • Kanela AG uses the data entrusted to the Company by its Customers respecting their privacy. Customer data shall not be sold, rented, loaned to or shared with any third parties whatsever.

Guiding Principles

  • Kanela AG makes every effort to supply its customers only with the highest-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and our goal is to provide our customers with excellent service at an extraordinary price.
  • Kanela AG strives to provide the most complete and accurate product information (e.g. water content, weight, packaging image, product properties, etc.). Customers are advised in any case to consult the specific information on the package leaflet or the product information on the website of the product’s manufacturer. The latter take precedence over the information given by DB Sports AG.
  • Kanela AG reserves the right to supply exclusively professional tattooists or piercers. No materials are sent or sold to private persons.


  • All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF), Swiss Value Added Tax included.

terms of payment

  • Payment is by invoice, credit card, TWINT and Paypal.
  • When paying by credit card, the customer's account will be charged when ordering, unless otherwise agreed.
  • A settlement with unrecognized or not legally established counterclaims of the customer is excluded.
  • The customer can only exercise a right of retention if the claims are based on the same contractual relationship.
  • The payment option Invoice (including payment in installments) is operated by CembraPay AG. The T&C and the Data Privacy Policy of CembraPay AG apply.

Guarantee and Warranty

  • Kanela AG offers no warranty beyond the warranty of the products themselves.
  • All warranty claims must be submitted directly and exclusively to the manufacturer. Any liability on part of DB Sports AG is excluded.


  • Due to protection of data privacy, DB Sports AG doesn’t accept credit card payment over phone, E-Mail and Fax.
  • Kanela AG reserves the right to deliver orders upon a previous creditworthiness check. By submitting their order, customers give their permission to Kanela AG to obtain this credit information.
  • Kanela AG reserves the right make delivery dependent on an advance payment.
  • Kanela AG may cancel an order if the customer is not creditworthy, has one or more outstanding invoices due to Kanela AG or for any other reason. The customer shall have no claim for damages in such case.
  • Kanela AG reserves the right to apply quantity restrictions for bulk orders.

Offer and contract

  • The presentation of the products [in the online shop] does not constitute a legally binding offer, but a request to the customer to make a binding order for this (offer to conclude a contract).
  • By clicking on the order button, the customer makes a binding order for the products listed on the order page.
  • Immediately after receiving the order, the seller confirms receipt of the order by e-mail. The purchase contract is only concluded when the seller confirms the shipment of the goods by email (order or shipping confirmation) or at the latest by delivery of the goods.
  • When paying by prepayment, the purchase contract with confirmation of receipt of the advance payment by the seller is concluded
  • Kanela AG makes every effort to fulfill the item description as precisely as possible. Kanela AG uses the original information from the respective manufacturers and suppliers and assumes no liability for their accuracy. In any case, customers are advised to consult the specific information on the package insert or the product information on the product manufacturer's website. The latter proceed as stated by Kanela AG. Illustrations of products may differ. In particular, in pictures of color lenses always your own eye color is considered.

Changes / Availability

  • The right to price changes and amendments to ordering and delivery conditions are reserved. Kanela AG strives to keep the images and details provided as updated as possible; however, manufacturer-related changes may occur without previous notice.
  • Changes in the range of products may occur at any time. Kanela AG strives to deliver the products to the customer within the displayed delivery time frame. The customer shall be informed should the delivery time frame be exceeded or should the product be no longer available in this form. In such cases, Kanela AG reserves the right to cancel an order. The customer shall not be entitled to damages, should an offered or ordered product be no longer available.
  • If a customer has ordered several products, but one of them is no longer available, the entire order shall not be considered as cancelled but only the non-available products.


  • With his/her order, the customer confirms in particular that:
  • Should any complaint arise from the use of a product, they shall stop using the product altogether and get examined by a professional (doctor, pharmacist etc.) immediately.
  • Prior to using the product they shall carefully read the package leaflet (also available online on the website of the respective product manufacturer) and contact a professional doctor, pharmacist etc.) for clarification.
  •  They will not hold Kanela AG responsible for any complications, complaints, other problems encountered, product guarantee/warranty claims, and that they will resort exclusively to the product’s manufacturer.
  • All statements made are true.

Shipping within Switzerland

  • Shipping Partner: Swiss Post
  • Shipping fees: PostPac Priority CHF 6.90.
  • Payment against TWINT and invoice, payable within 10 days of receipt of the goods.
  • The goods remain property of Kanela AG until full payment.
  • Additional shipping fees due to an incorrect customer address shall be borne by the customer.
  • The relevant postal shipping company is liable for any loss or damage during shipment. Customer claims are to be made directly to them.

Delivery time

  • The delivery time is indicated individually for each item.
  • Kanela AG strives to respect the delivery times indicated but cannot guarantee their strict compliance.
  • If an order contains items with different delivery times, a single delivery shall be made for the whole shipment. In urgent cases, partial deliveries may be requested in writing or by telephone. The right to bill additional shipping fees is reserved in this case.


  • If the customer is in default of payment of an invoice, Kanela AG may charge the defaulting customer a reminder fee of CHF 15.00 per reminder.
  • Costs in the event of late payment: processing fee (at the earliest after two written reminders after the invoice date, if handed over to collection service provider) according to

Refunds and returns

Non-returnable items are excluded from return due to hygienic, legal or logistical conditions. In particular, however, these are not conclusive:

  • food and beverages
  • Medicines and supplements and other remedies
  • Hygienically delicate articles
  • Baby products
  • items ordered from the manufacturer for the buyer