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A young company that is full of innovation, plus a team of experienced experts who care about increasing people's well-being - this is how Osiris was founded. And thanks to the great products, namely aromatic care oils for various applications, it has long been established in the market for CBD articles. Because CBD can relieve cramps, inhibit inflammation and relieve fear, the aromatic care oils from Osiris help, for example, by relieving pain and activating the self-healing powers dormant in the body. When you buy Osiris products from the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist for cannabidiol products, you are definitely doing yourself a favor.

Osiris items made from CBD and essential oils

Osiris gets the products from the fedora plant, which has a THC content of exactly zero percent. No chemical additives are used in the cultivation of cannabis plants, nor are fertilizers or poisons such as herbicides used. To extract the oil from the plant, the absolutely gentle process with the use of CO2 is used, which results in very mild oils that are also absolutely pure and also have no residues. In our range you will find joint wellbeing oil, head wellbeing oil, a breath-free balm and an oil that helps with menstrual cramps. If you would like to find out details about a certain product, simply click on the desired picture and read the additional information there.