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Why is snus actually only produced by large foreign manufacturers and corporations? Why can't we Swiss do that? A trip to Sweden started with these two questions. Two ice hockey players from Zug have made their way to Sweden to examine the snus market there. First they bought lots of Siberia Red and Odens White and imported them into Switzerland. Whole trucks full.

After years of experience in the snus market, they decided to make better snus than is available. Together with a Swedish business partner, they produce locally in Switzerland. They pursue the highest hygiene and production standards. All-White Nicotine Pouches are more pleasant than their tobacco-filled predecessors.

Edelweiss is a snus from real Swiss snus lovers

There are 5 different all-white varieties, from 10mg/g to strong 20mg/g nicotine. The friends from Zug have even developed a CBD snus. 22 slim snus are included in each box. The pack is also well thought out down to the last detail and designed for snus lovers. Really a top class product.