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Order CBD from Drogovita at Kanela

100 percent natural, lovingly handmade and with the full power of the hemp plant - these are the characteristics of CBD from Drogovita. Whether as globolio, as capsules or as oil in drop form: The active ingredient is extracted from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa by ultrasound and prepared for the preparations. To produce the capsules and the oil, the extract is heated slightly and diluted with sunflower oil from Thurgau. So when you order preparations from Drogovita, make sure that only Swiss products are used.

Buy articles from Drogovita for a better quality of life

The quality of the articles is of course excellent - and as a customer, you decide for yourself how you use the CBD oil (the capsules are of course intended for oral use). You can use the oil as a fragrance, take it as drops or apply it as a skin care oil. With products from Drogovita you relieve complaints such as nausea, chronic pain, cramps, anxiety and inflammation. Drogovita capsules and oils also help against insomnia. In short, they increase your quality of life on many levels.

The capsules are made with hemp powder, for the globolio Bach flowers and sucrose are used. As for the oil, the addition of sunflower oil has proven to be an advantage over, for example, olive oil, which is much more bitter when taken orally as drops. If you suffer from one of the described ailments, you should be careful with the dosage when using it for the first time - rather take a little too little than too much at the beginning.