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Producing healthy food supplements from natural plants is what the name Alpinamed stands for. The company's credo is: We love plants and want to use them for health! The most important thing is to extract the raw materials contained in the plants and to use them by methods of modern pharmacy - combined with the often many centuries old knowledge of people about the healing powers of nature. Of course, the findings of science and research play an important role. There is no question that in the selection of raw materials and plants, attention is paid to the highest possible quality, which is reflected in the products during manufacture. When you order preparations from Alpinamed in your Swiss online drugstore Kanela, you are choosing effective and absolutely compatible products, all of which do not require a prescription from a doctor. If you buy articles from Alpinamed, you know your body and are therefore opting for self-medication. The company's expertise clearly lies in its knowledge of medicinal plants that are beneficial to you and your health. Just like every person, every medicinal plant is an individual, and at Alpinamed, emphasis is placed on ensuring that all the beneficial properties of the plants are incorporated into the supplements during processing.

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Often it is only nuances of certain substances that we do not cover or cannot cover through our diet. The Alpinamed products aim to fill these gaps and thus provide holistic nutrition. Order your products from Alpinamed today and do something good for yourself! Our bestsellers from this brand are the Green Tea Capsules (120 pcs) and the Black Garlic Capsules (120 pcs).