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While tobacco smoking is disappearing more and more into society, cannabidiol - the THC-free product from the hemp plant - is all the rage. Turning it yourself becomes pure enjoyment, especially when the manufacturers of the hemp flowers are meticulous about the quality of the plants. Just like Sonnenfeld shows. The company, based in Uetendorf in the canton of Bern, attaches great importance to organically growing cannabis plants, and harvesting is also carried out using the gentle method. In addition, the hemp grown is checked for possible contamination in regular cycles, and the CBD values ​​are also tested. If you buy CBD flowers from Sonnenfeld in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist dealer for cannabidiol products of all kinds, you will get evenly grown, soft and fruity CBD flowers without nicotine or tobacco.

Flowers from Sonnenfeld impress with their taste and quality

Not only the CBD content of the hemp is examined at Sonnenfeld. The THC value is also measured very often, it must not exceed the one percent mark. It is important to the company that the quality of the goods is consistently high, which is why the processes and procedures in production are always optimized. In our range you can currently find the flavors Gold Beeri (with a wonderful strawberry aroma) and Alpä Gold (fruity and intense without being intrusive). You can see detailed information about the flowers by simply clicking on the desired picture.