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Three characteristics apply to Phytopharma AG: experience, versatility and quality. Since 1993, the company has been producing products in the health sector, for example medicines, baths or bath additives, food supplements, pastilles, medical products and cosmetics. These products are manufactured exclusively according to the standards that Phytopharma has set for itself - and these are very high. In the course of time, word has got around, which is why the articles of the Swiss company are nowadays also in great demand internationally. When you buy products from Phytopharma at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can expect an incredibly diverse selection of products whose ingredients have been carefully selected by the employees and which have been gently processed in the production process.

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If you have health problems, you can order various medicines from Phytopharma (based in Grandvillard in the canton of Fribourg). You will also find a wide range of products for inner peace and improved sleep. The selection of food supplements is also extensive, as is the assortment of cosmetic articles, pastilles and bath additives. Let yourself be seduced by the offers from Phytopharma, which we have ready for you in the online shop. All the preparations will simply make you feel better. Some help you relax, others support your diet, strengthen your immune system or reduce stress. In addition, you will find products that promote regeneration after sports , support the skin and other organs, clear the respiratory tract or simply holistically increase your well-being.