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Hi Lab is on a mission. And this consists in giving cannabis the image it deserves and getting this great plant out of that dirty corner where it is unfortunately still in the eyes of many people. Hi Lab knows that hemp can result in products that have an unimaginable quality - if you do without the intoxicating substance THC and instead concentrate on cannabidiol (CBD). Then even products can be created that are demonstrably healthy. When you buy Hi Lab products in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist for high-quality cannabidiol items, you choose between flowers, tea and grinders. Or you should try everything.

Hi Lab produces high quality CBD products

Lemon Haze, Afghan Kush, Harlequin and Candy Kush are the names of the flowers for smoking that you can buy from us in the Hi Lab shop. You also have a nice selection of teas - we have added the aromas of Flower Perfume, Sweet Spices, Swiss Cannabis, Fresh Herbs and Red Fruits to our range for you. The grinder is available in white or gray. Speaking of the range: we naturally strive to constantly expand it. We always want to offer you lots of details about our products. You can read this by simply clicking on the desired picture - there you can find out more information.