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For many years, Greeners - a company from Switzerland - has been an absolute expert in producing outstanding CBD products. It is about hemp, in which the THC value is less than one percent, so it does not fall under the Narcotics Act. Cannabidiol is not intoxicating (the exact amount of CBD can be found in the details, which you can read by simply clicking on the picture you want), no matter in which form you take it. Among other things, Greeners produces oils and other extracts, but also flowers and edibles and, last but not least, cuttings. When you order Greeners products from the CBD-Apotheke, your Swiss online shop for CBD products, we deliver the best quality hemp flowers.

Greeners impresses with a multitude of flower varieties

Cannabis smoking cannot be compared to nicotine and tar, this is well known as the hemp products are nowhere near as harmful. On the contrary, there are active ingredients in cannabis that even help against diseases. In our assortment you will find lots of different types of flowers that are provided with delicious flavors, such as Blueberry, Northern Lights, Orange Bud and N.Y Diesel. Read the detailed information carefully and then select your favorite. In the info you can read details about the taste of each strain, the CBD content and the like. You can enjoy the flowers of Greeners with a clear conscience and to your heart's content.