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The product CBD found in hemp can have many different positive effects on people - and none of them are psychotic. However, CBD is of course neither a miracle nor a panacea, and it affects people differently. Ideally, pain is relieved and inflammation inhibited, anxiety and depression can often be alleviated, muscles relax through CDB and bone growth is promoted. It also helps relieve cramps and calm the bowels, which is often associated with a long-missed increase in appetite. If you buy Greenbird products in the CBD pharmacy, then of course we cannot guarantee that these effects will also be achieved for you.

Greenbird produces high quality products

Because every organism reacts differently to CBD. In our offer you will find a variety of diverse hemp oil products, as well as hemp tea and soaps with different flavors - ginger sea salt, lemongrass, agran oil, coffee or odorless. If you like to smoke CBD hemp, you can choose from several varieties, for example Harlequin, Strawberry, Mint, Northern Lights, Lemon Haze, White Widow or Blossoms. Find out your favorites by ordering several flavors at once. For details, please refer to the product text - this appears by clicking on the respective photo. Like all Greenbird products, these substances also come from organic hemp fields in the European Union. They are completely free of pesticides and herbicides. You will also find attractive offers and a well-stocked assortment at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Have a look over there!