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Homeostasis refers to a state of equilibrium that provides balance in the human body as well. If this condition is not present, then not only is our health in danger, even the mind suffers. Our body functions work better when homeostasis is intact. And this is not least influenced by cannabinoids, which the body can produce itself. But sometimes the body's own production does not work as it should, and the circulatory system, nervous system, skeleton and muscular system suffer - in short, our complete organism. When you buy products from Formula Swiss at Kanela, you supply the organism with the missing amount of cannabinoids (CBD for short).

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The intake of CBD oil has long been controversial in research. Meanwhile, there are enough serious studies showing that CBD can relieve pain that occurs in many parts of the body. The external application can make the pain bearable, this is especially true for arthritis. And a study of people with cancer has shown that tumor cells can grow much slower when treated with CBD oil. The CBD, which Formula Swiss uses in the production of CBD oils, is of high quality and is obtained through a special extraction process. This preserves other natural ingredients such as flavonoids, antioxidants, terpenes and special nutrients. In addition, only organic hemp grown in Switzerland is used. When starting to use, it is best to start with a smaller dose and pay attention to the effect of the CBD oil.