Buy Fenocan products in the CBD pharmacy

If you buy Fenocan products from the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist for CBD articles, we will deliver high-quality cannabis products directly to your home - products that we manufacture in Switzerland. The Fenocan company specializes in breeding cannabis strains that are rich in resin and contain hardly any THC, which is where the outstanding Fenocan products are made. Incidentally, when it comes to breeding, Fenocan strictly follows the SMART technique. This stands for “Selection with Markers Advanced Reproductive Technologies”. Knowledge of the genome of the hemp plant is used so that it can develop its full potential. The breeding itself, however, takes place according to the strictest traditional criteria.

Fenocan stands for resistant plants

By concentrating on the genome of the plant, the researchers in the Fenocan laboratory can breed hemp varieties that are extremely resistant to harmful influences. This also means that Fenocan does not use any pesticides or similar. must be used, for example, to prevent infections of the plants, which can be triggered by insects or mold. But that's not all - Fenocan is also able to regulate the level of CBD or the rate of return. This gives you top products from Fenocan. Simply click through our range of exquisite and tasty hemp seeds that you can use with practically any meal. Click on the desired product to find out more details.