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Those who like to smoke are nowadays almost considered an outsider, someone who negligently plays with their health. You raise your eyebrows in a lot of people - especially if you admit that you like smoking cannabis. This is still regarded as something disreputable, although nicotine, for example, has been shown to be significantly more harmful than tobacco products made from hemp. In addition, you have a much larger choice in taste, as you can see for example with the articles from Budz. If you buy Budz products in the CBD pharmacy, your Swiss specialist for CBD products, you will receive the best quality hemp flowers.

Articles by Budz for pure enjoyment

Pure smoking pleasure is available with Budz products - we can guarantee that. All varieties contain neither nicotine nor tobacco, which makes the taste particularly mild and pleasant. Nothing else is used in the production than the self-grown hemp flowers from Big Buds, the taste is extremely stimulating. However, you have to make a decision regarding the aroma. The Purple Haze variety has a tart and sweet taste, while Super Skunk tends to be more tart and fruity. The aroma of Big Bud is rather mild and fruity-sweet. All varieties have in common a THC bet below one percent, the CBD content is between 15 and 19 percent.