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BergBlüten AG was founded in 2017 and is based in Susten (VS), Switzerland. Around 12 employees work every day with passion and technical expertise for the production of Swiss CBD quality products for a better quality of life for humans and animals. An effective team, close cooperation with customers, high-quality CBD hemp and the specially developed extraction process result in valuable full CBD extracts that offer a natural alternative from nature. In the middle of beautiful Switzerland there is an optimal climate for the cultivation of high quality CBD hemp. BergBlüten employees carry out all value-added processes themselves. This means that they grow their own cuttings, cultivate the medicinal hemp, harvest, dry, extract and concentrate the extract with great care and particularly gently and then ensure that it is activated. This is the only way for the domestic medicinal plant to develop its full potential in this form. In the manufacture and development of innovative CBD products, they rely on close cooperation with universities, renowned experts and scientists.

Your filling takes place according to GMP guidelines by an external partner. They ensure the high quality of their products with constant controls of all end batches in a certified laboratory. This makes them transparent and ensures the safety of your CBD oils.

You would like to make the age-old knowledge about the cultivation of hemp, the extraction of the active ingredients and the targeted application for physical and mental strengthening and relaxation accessible again for everyone. The rediscovery of the incredible potential of CBD, both in society and in science, brings numerous benefits in terms of natural and effective alternatives and can bring enormous benefits in a wide variety of areas. Your customers confirm that you are on the right track every day.

Wirksam. Sicher. Effektiv. A philosophy that they live daily. For you, nature and a healthy life.

BergBlüten Ursprung - CBD extract as full spectrum

The BergBlüten Ursprung is the exquisite essence of their CBD full spectrum extract, which they produce from 100% sustainable CBD flowers from their own cultivation directly in Switzerland. Then dissolved in organic and cold-pressed hemp nut oil, the drops are refreshing and completely natural. From the cutting to the finished product, all value-added processes are in your hands. In this way they guarantee product safety and an effective CBD oil.

Numerous customers tell you every day how effective BergBlüten Ursprung can be. These highlight above all the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, antispasmodic and calming effects. Less restlessness, better sleep and thus more performance and relaxation - BergBlüten Ursprung with 10% or 20% CBD oil already supports many people in everyday life and ensures more vitality and quality of life. See for yourself!