Hi LAB CBD oil 24% (10ml)

Hi LAB CBD oil 24% (10ml)
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Hi LAB CBD oil 24% (10ml)

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Hi LAB Buy CBD Oil 24% (10ml)

You heard about the possible benefits of CBD, but you do not smoke? We can only congratulate you and offer you our range of cannabinoid-enriched oils (except THC, of course, to avoid intoxicating effects).

Hi LABs premium Swiss oils are the result of dissolving full spectrum hemp extracts in MCT BIO oil.

What is a full spectrum hemp extract?

First of all, you should know that CBD (like the famous THC) is a cannabinoid among more than 200 others contained in cannabis. Regarding our oils, the extraction is done gently from ethanol to preserve the richness of cannabinoids and thus maximize the potential benefits of hemp.

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil or TCM in French (medium chain triglyceride) is nothing more than an oil extracted from organic coconut.

Why use MCT oil and not just CBD oil?

We often hear about CBD oil, which does not exist because it is not possible to extract oil from this chemical substance that is CBD. What is commonly referred to as CBD oil is nothing more than, at best, a hemp extract (full spectrum) diluted in good quality oil, or at worst, simple pure CBD crystals ( reduced spectrum) diluted in questionable oil.
In this case, Hi LAB has chosen MCT BIO oil because it is much richer than the main oils commonly used (sunflower, olive, peanut ...). It is known for its dietary benefits and is the perfect support for their hemp.

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